“Looking At Life Now”

20151205_141443[1]Looking at life now
Made it to right now
But I don’t know how
Oh, I’m living for Christ now!
A stranger to “the life” now
Everyday I’m laying my life down
Dead to the world as YOU know it
Striving to obtain the incorruptible crown
And they wonder why I still run
I’m still running to obtain
Holding up a banner that’s blood-stained
Not ashamed of the name of Jesus
Because it’s by and for Him that my old nature is changed
And my new life came
I decree and declare I’m made righteous, I will never be the same
While they’re running after fame and vain things
Playing the same games
Putting themselves to an open shame
Giving the devil the blame
When it’s by their own choice
The Lord is speaking, but they won’t heed his voice
Only when something good happens- “Hey it’s God, everybody rejoice!”
The suns shines and rain falls on the just as well as the unjust
The difference is the will, the difference is the Spirit
We both speak “God,” but there’s a difference even though you can’t hear it
In God we trust
Which god?
Faith in God
Which god?
Thank you Jesus!
Who is He to you?
Just a popular, well-known name used to mean something good?
To me He is Lord, Saviour and King..everything..the reason why I sing
And I can’t even sing!
But there’s no shame in the joy His love can bring
So I sing, “Hallelujah, you’re my God!!”
And He loves it, coming from my heart
He accepts what comes from the heart
You may say you’ve never been taught
Well true repentance is a start
A change and a turning to move towards His direction
It takes a made up mind and consistency, but doesn’t require perfection
We’re already His selection, we just gotta choose what we know is right
Fight the good fight, hold tight, shine bright by His light, and seek to please Him and Him alone, in THIS life, now.


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