“My Heart!”

My Heart!

How desperately wicked and deceitful
Yet I wear it on my sleeve and share it with the wrong people
It’s been tattered and torn, filled with scorn and regretting
And fretting, upsetting my mind to the point that I was constantly forgetting
That this heart
Is supposed to be kept with all diligence
I have to guard it at all costs, even if it calls for being militant
Out of it, everything flows…it’s vital to my existence and well-being
Authorizing my mouth to speak, directing the course of my mind to my feet, even when my eyes are not seeing
All the facts
Sometimes your heart causes you to react in a manner that you can’t take back
But if it condemns me, God is greater- He is the strength when my heart fails
Let not your heart be troubled
Even abandoned ships continue to sail
The Lord is close to hearts that are broken, he mends the wounds and heals completely
The closer we draw to Him the less deceived our hearts will be, then we can love freely


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