“The ‘Life’ Cycle”

On your marks, get ready…get set….GO!!

What are we really searching and longing for in this life?

Peace..we are searching and longing for peace.
To live free.
To be able to live and move within the bounds of our own scope of reality…of what life means to us, personally.
Really, to live and move without bounds…
Without restriction..we desire liberty.
To rule and reign over our own lives freely, as we were created to do
But we are bound by money, bound by debt, bound by status, bound by standards we were never meant to live up to
Bound by false expectations, bound by false accusations that rail against us daily, bound by ideologies and philosophies…
We are bound by unnecessary evils that we have been taught are necessary for our well-being and survival, but are really atrocities
They are really destroying us
Our lack of knowledge and understanding is destroying us
We become too prideful to use the resources available to help us because of how others may see us
Then stubbornness stagnates us and we become trapped by the very thing that was supposed to free us
Because when your mind has been conditioned, it’s easy for the gears to be twisted and turned by the manipulator
He can give you what you need then make you think you don’t need it, so you despise it only to find out you really needed it later
And this captivity becomes the norm and we follow the majority, who are also confounded
So we feel as though we “fit in” or “belong,” until we realize that we’re being surrounded
Like a bunch of lab mice in a cage running through the same maze over and over again
Running in a rat race that we’re never really going to win
And this is what most of us choose to live in, repeating this cycle of “life”
Chasing a peace and a freedom not attainable in this world because it is really only found in Christ


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