Happy Mother’s Day!! 

I was so busy yesterday, I didn’t even stop to go get my eyebrows waxed..forgot about my nails…

As I prepared for service this morning, I was also pondering what I should wear
Today is Mother’s Day and I am a mother..how should I wear my hair?
Then my mind immediately shifted…
How I look today doesn’t make me any more or less a mother
Doesn’t make me the worst or best of mothers
Today is a day we celebrate ourselves and one another
Give honor where it is due, to those who protect and cover
Who nurture and guide, who comfort and sacrifice
Who love unconditionally, and give everything without thinking twice
Those who teach and lead with grace
Who carry the heaviest burdens while managing to keep a smile on their face
While managing a career, a ministry, a family, a home
Sometimes while feeling tired, overwhelmed and alone
Going forward in the strength of God, even in chaos and despair
Learning to rest in His love and His peace, persevering through prayer
The look of a mother is dignity and grace, lovingkindness and several ability
She’s also clothed with tenacity, endurance, patience and humility
To be all that God intended for her to be..a mother to more children than just her own
Who knows how to adjust to pressure and adversity, regardless of what she may have previously been shown
So I salute you Mother, there isn’t another like you
I salute you Queen, because you are the best at what you do
Happy Mother’s Day!!


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